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Note: Locations are given using post-dimensional cascade references.

Pre-Giygasian Era (n=0)

  • Unknown: Planet Nede invaded by first of Giygas forces

Geddon Era (Pre-Multiverse n=n)

  • Unknown: Cetran, Zealian, Fae civilizations formed
  • Unknown: James Gault Born
  • Unknown: Slayzer Restalia born
  • Unknown: Jason Evermore born
  • Unknown: Wilhelm born
  • Unknown: Wilhelm receives compass of order from n-1, learns of role in Eternal Recurrance
  • Unknown: Ivantos receives 'Staff of Chaos', becomes first hand of Giygas
  • Unknown: Day of Ivantos, Ashtarath Summoned
  • Unknown+1,000: Cetran Civilization forms 'Order of Sages', 'Cetran Military Alliance'
  • Unknown+2,000: Ashtarath forces fought to standstill around Geddon Core
    • Arc Triumph Cannon unleashed against Tower of Geddon in an unsuccessful attempt to thwart Giygas
    • Order of Sages contains Ashtarath, Ivantos and 'Giygasian Essence' inside perfect crystals
    • Gault orders the CMA to destroy the Order of Sages, fearing loss of his own authority, beginning the Cetran Civil War
  • Unknown+600,000: Melbu Frahma Born
    • Genetic variances emerge, producing subraces of Cetra by divergent traits
  • Unknown+1,000,000: Cetran population decimated, reduced to racial factions
  • Unknown+1,500,000: Lloyd born
  • Unknown+2,000,000: Cetra develop Anti Soul Weaponry, prompting intervention
    • Zealian Matriarch Queen Zeal selects Gault, Restalia, Evermore, Wilhelm and Lloyd as representatives of Cetran Race
    • Yomi created - Cetra gifted with combined power of Zealian Race (magic) and Cetran natures
    • Yomi agree to segregate Cetran subraces to save population of Zeal and Cetra, Ending Pre-Multiverse Era

The Fae/Cetran War Era

Unknown: Winglie, and Prime Cetran Colonies established on Endiness and Rygar respectively Unknown: Silvite, Alteran colonies established on multiple worlds

    • Alteran's colonize Earth, then depart in cityship known as Atlantis

Unknown//Rygar: Jason Evermore begins work on AEGIS Engine

  • 135,000 BC//Gaia: Rains of Destruction occurs for unclear reasons
    • 'Arcadian Skies' subplane formed from resulting energy
  • 100,000 BC//Elysium: Silvites activate full Carbon Reinitialization Program in an effort to contain the Flood
    • Silvite race classified as extinct, survivors put in cryostasis
  • 30,000 BC//Rygar: Jason Evermore finishes work on AEGIS Engine, contact re-established with other universes, Reunification begins
  • 25,000 BC//Avalon: Fae ruler Queen Mab is courted by Melbu Frahma
  • 20,000 BC//Avalon: Melbu Frahma attempts an assassination attempt of Mab, intentionally triggering Fae-Cetran War
    • Rygar sacked by Queen Mab, the AEGIS engine is destroyed
    • Jason Evermore flees to Endiness, seeks refuge in Winglie Empire under Emperor Frahma
  • 18,000 BC//Gaia: Gaia established as Cetran Fortress world with renewed alliance between Alterans and Winglies
  • 17,500 BC//Gaia: Work on Eden Fortress completed
  • 17,000 BC//Gaia: Alterans repurpose and expand Silvite 'Silver Moon' Systems with original Geddon directives and structure
    • Elysium System comes online
    • Mother Sera appointed system overseer, Mother Yuna appointed Gaian overseer
  • 16,800 BC//Gaia: Work on Installation 15 Timegate Begins
  • 12,800 BC//Gaia: Cetran Alliance breaks down
    • Melbu Frahma revealed as Hand of Giygas, attempts to unilaterally activate Installation 15
    • Jason Evermore prevents activation and forces Melbu Frahma back to Endiness, takes refuge on Earth
    • Alterans withdraw support to deal with growing concerns in their home colonies
    • Alkaiser dispatches 5 Colony Ships including Osirus, Destiny's Ascension to explore reaches of space
  • 12,700 BC//Rygar: Queen Zeal strikes a bargain with Oberon, Urza Planeswalker
    • Magic Siphon 'Mammon Machine' produced, used to seal Queen Mab
    • Oberon fathers magically infused offspring of Queen Zeal capable of harnessing the machine
    • Oberon recalls all Fae, marries Titania against Queen Mabs wishes
    • Work on Ocean Palace, Blackbird begins by Zealian Provost Dalton
  • 12,500 BC//Rygar: Queen Zeal becomes tyrannical despot, using slave labor to continue work on Ocean Palace
    • Gulag 'Mount Woe' raised by augmented Zealian magic as testament to Zeal's authority
  • 12,000 BC//Rygar: Ruination of Zeal
    • Temporal anomolies allow Crono, Glenn, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Ayla and Magus to arrive in this era
    • Mammon Machine results in the fall of the Kingdom Of Zeal in their timeline
    • Wilhelm uses Yomi Magic to excise Zeal Islands and entomb them on Gaia, knowing it's importance
    • Resulting geological shift produces Valence Mountain Range
    • 'Chrono Trigger' timeline continues as though Zeal was destroyed
  • 11,000 BC//Endiness: Dragoon War
    • Human/Dragon uprising fights back against Winglie oppressors
    • Despite superior magical and technological prowess, Melbu Frahma is defeated at the hands of Zieg and Rose
    • Winglie race considered endangered
  • 10,000 BC//Unknown: Alteran's forced into retreat in home systems
    • Alteran race considered extinct
    • End of Fae/Cetran War Era